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My last post talked about using Agile Metrics. I reflected mostly on my experiences at nuBridges and the metrics we put into place. These metrics were good at establishishing heartbeats and, in general, monitoring of the process. There are a bunch more practical metrics that help organizations assess value, identify and measure quality, and understand better where things can improve. When writing the last post, I found some great websites and resources on agile metrics that are worth sharing:

  • Earned Value for Agile Development by John Rusk of Optimization, Ltd. This document was found on This is a PDF that contains a solid explanation of how earned value can be applied to any agile project. The document is well written and easy to understand, even if you don’t have a practical project management background.
  • Agile Metrics page on Dave Nicollete’s wiki/blog site ( Dave assembles some of his own presentations as well as some links to other valuable sites. His presentations are excellent and make for great training materials.

My career journey has had me wearing many hats ranging from Systems Analyst to Programmer to IT Manager to Programmer to Director. Today, I work as a coach and instructor to the leadership and team members of organizations on their agility journey. I'm constantly practicing to be a good learner, aspiring to be an inspiring leader, and I'm constantly walking the line between pragmatism and conviction when it comes to the application of lean and agile principles and practices.

Matt’s purpose is simple, “I believe in working with teams to help them get better, learn, and be successful in building stuff while having fun.”

At the end of the day, Matt believes in integrity, hard work, curiosity, people, and faith.

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