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The Daily Standup from Hell


I’m always looking for some good videos, and I’ve found several funny ones that various folks have created around the subject of daily standups or daily scrum. I’ll post these over the next several days. [inline_media] [/inline_media]

Never Be Late for a Stand-up!


So what planning does your team do to members that show up late to the daily stand-up (a.k.a. daily scrum)? This is a pretty funny clip of a team that makes their late team members dance — I love the comments thread. [inline_media] [/inline_media]

Video Parade Continues – Sh*t Bad Scrum Masters Say


To leverage the words from Larry the Cable Guy, now that’s funny right there … Actually, things are funny because they are true and I don’t know a Scrum Master who at one point in time hasn’t caught themselves in one of these moments. Thanks to Adam Weisbart for putting this out there. Adam has

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