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Reinvigorated Retrospectives


Have you these statements lately? “Our retrospectives have dried up.” “Why are we doing this?  We never do anything about it.” “Uh, I don’t know – there’s nothing that we need to change.” Well, this is not uncommon for agile teams to reach the point where their retrospectives become ineffective or the team members stop

Self-Organizing and Strengths Finder

Team Work

A key part of any good team, especially an agile team, is teamwork and more importantly a team of hardworking individuals that both care about their teammates and they understand the strengths of their fellow teammates.  In the sporting world you will often hear of situations where one player will attempt to play outside his

Five Ways to Establish Trust


Originally published on May 16, 2010, this post goes into the simple idea of establishing trust. Trust is critical to the success of any product delivery team. Once you have it, you'll have a happy, successful workforce.