The Team

In general terms, The Team is a reference to a cross-functional group of people that work on a project. The Team is typically optimized around seven team members (+/- 2).

In most Agile processes, we’ll use the phrase or term “The Team” to describe the group that is responsible for delivering a piece of functionality. The goal is to gain group ownership of commitments. Note that in this is a term primarily used with Scrum and other frameworks/approaches may still focus on the individual roles versus a general team.

Matt Badgley

With a career in Information Technology that has officially reached drinking age, I have one too many hats in roles from Systems Analyst to Programmer to IT Manager to Programmer to Director. I am a seeker of new ideas and learning new things. My passion has been working with product delivery teams to develop into their own identity and simply build valuable solutions by making great software. I have been applying Lean Agile ideas for a long time and leveraging their underlying practices with both a pragmatic and experimental purpose. At the end of the day, I believe in integrity, hard work, trial-and-error, people, and faith.

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