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A large part of agile and making it really work is the people.  In fact, the organization can only support and foster the right mind-set through the behaviors of the leaders and the “walk-the-talk” mantra.  Ultimately the success of agile and the organization are the people associated with it. Thus, bringing me to the viral videos from RSA Animate.  RSA is an organisation that aims to trigger thoughts and share ideas — some are very clear and common sensical, while others concepts they discuss can be controversial and much deeper.  In all, they’ve published docs, videos, and held conferences that bring ideas and enlightenment forward.

Which brings me to a one of my favorites that I share constantly during agile training sessions – Dan Pink’s discussion on motivation. This discussion is based on Dan Pink’s book Drive, it is a fairly quick read and reasonably priced on Kindle.

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My career journey has had me wearing many hats ranging from Systems Analyst to Programmer to IT Manager to Programmer to Director. Today, I work as a coach and instructor to the leadership and team members of organizations on their agility journey. I'm constantly practicing to be a good learner, aspiring to be an inspiring leader, and I'm constantly walking the line between pragmatism and conviction when it comes to the application of lean and agile principles and practices.

Matt’s purpose is simple, “I believe in working with teams to help them get better, learn, and be successful in building stuff while having fun.”

At the end of the day, Matt believes in integrity, hard work, curiosity, people, and faith.

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