Where’s the Incompetence?


Scrum is no silver bullet, and that it does not bring out excellence, but exposes incompetence. — Ken Schwaber So this is a great quote and it really resonates with any organization that is implementing scrum.  What you will inevitably find while implementing scrum is that certain team members and more importantly team functions and

Technical Stories – How to Work Them


I was perusing some blogs and I came across a discussion regarding Technical Stories on Jack Milunsky’s AgileBuddy blog.  The focus of the blog is whether or not Technical Stories should be included in the Product Backlog.  Jack does a good job presenting both sides of the argument, and in the end leaves it up

Five FREE Applications Every Agile Team Member Should Have


Honestly, there’s nothing like another blog that provides a list of information that the author believes to be useful.  Well, this list is extremely useful and it’s short — only five items.  The following tools are free desktop applications that I’ve found to be extremely valuable working within an Agile team.  These tools aid in

Agile Metrics Resources


My last post talked about using Agile Metrics. I reflected mostly on my experiences at nuBridges and the metrics we put into place. These metrics were good at establishishing heartbeats and, in general, monitoring of the process. There are a bunch more practical metrics that help organizations assess value, identify and measure quality, and understand

Another, Another Post About Agile Metrics


I originally published this post on August 22, the aim was to simply share my experiences with agile metrics and looking at ways to help teams trend and understand how they are progressing.