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Cold Day = Bacon, Black-Bean Chili

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Well it is very cold outside — even in Atlanta, Georgia.  When it’s cold — it’s time for one of our favorite household recipes which is Bacon, Black-Bean Chili.  If you happen to be a chili fan, this is a recipe you’ll love.  I usually add some extra jalapeno and every once in a while, I’ll inlcude smoked brisket as the meat.

Here’s the recipe from Food.com.  And here’s a good one for the brisket style from epicurious.com.

Friday is Always Better with Bacon

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July 4th Recipe – Beer-and-Bacon Toffee Sundaes

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Beer Bacon Toffee Sundaes

Beer-and-Bacon Toffee Sundaes

This is a recipe by Michael Symon from the Food Network Magazine. A good friend of mine, Kyle, made a similar version of this last year with Guinness Beer ice cream topped with chocolate-covered bacon. It was incredible! Must give this a try today.

Happy Independence Day! Enjoy your freedom with a side of bacon!

Who Knew? Bacon Duct Tape

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Bacon Duct Tape

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything, you stumble upon some duct tape with bacon printed on it. Click here to buy a roll.

Homage to the Bacon Weave Elvis Sandwich

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Bacon Weave Elvis Sandwich

A colleague forwarded me this great post on Dude Foods about the Bacon Weave Evis Sandwich. It’s truly amazing and nicely done. And yes, that is bacon as the bread with bananas, peanut butter, and jelly! I felt my heart skip a beat on that one.

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