Five Simple Guidelines to Agile Metric Bliss

5 mins read

Over the past couple years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many great teams in many industries. I often work with teams and their managers to generate reports. In doing so, I quickly realize that although teams may be working to adapt and leverage one of the frameworks that fall under the Agile moniker,

Agile Metrics Resources

1 min read

My last post talked about using Agile Metrics. I reflected mostly on my experiences at nuBridges and the metrics we put into place. These metrics were good at establishishing heartbeats and, in general, monitoring of the process. There are a bunch more practical metrics that help organizations assess value, identify and measure quality, and understand

Another, Another Post About Agile Metrics

10 mins read

I originally published this post on August 22, the aim was to simply share my experiences with agile metrics and looking at ways to help teams trend and understand how they are progressing.