Agile Metrics Resources

My last post talked about using Agile Metrics. I reflected mostly on my experiences at nuBridges and the metrics we put into place. These metrics were good at establishishing heartbeats and, in general, monitoring of the process. There are a bunch more practical metrics that help organizations assess value, identify and measure quality, and understand better where things can improve. When writing the last post, I found some great websites and resources on agile metrics that are worth sharing:

  • Earned Value for Agile Development by John Rusk of Optimization, Ltd. This document was found on This is a PDF that contains a solid explanation of how earned value can be applied to any agile project. The document is well written and easy to understand, even if you don’t have a practical project management background.
  • Agile Metrics page on Dave Nicollete’s wiki/blog site ( Dave assembles some of his own presentations as well as some links to other valuable sites. His presentations are excellent and make for great training materials.